This is starting to get annoying…

So, on Monday I discovered that last week’s problem had recurred, even more virulently. Unfortunately, in fixing the site we’ve had to abandon the comments on the last two posts, for which I’m very sorry. I do have copies of everyone’s comments, via email notification, and can repost them (with attribution) if necessary.

For the next little while I’ll be running with a default theme (*shudder*) and minimal plugins, in an attempt to eliminate possible vectors for the problem, so if you’re visiting rather than reading via RSS and the blog looks, uh, barebones? That’s why.

Edit @ 1835h: In addition, unfortunately I’ve had to totally disable comments as a temporary measure, as it seems the malicious code is being inserted via WP’s comments feature. Obviously, this sucks, and it’ll be fixed as soon as possible. Old comments are still viewable, though.

Edit @ 0506h July 5th: Comments are back on again, hooray. (Although comments that were lost remain lost.)

This is also why I haven’t been posting for the last week; no point making posts that I’d only have to repost anyway. Hopefully that will no longer be an issue!

4 thoughts on “This is starting to get annoying…”

  1. Did you track down what the problem was?

    And was it something that had to be in approved comments or could just posting the code even if they were dumped to spam or moderation do it?

  2. I’d be interested in learning about your tech challenge and solution. I too have a blog – though it is used primarily for my developing process as I work through my PHP course.

    Anyhoo, I like your pally posts, so keep up the great writing!

    -= Hale

  3. Why I’m I starting to get the feeling that this blog is done for. Will this be another Resto4Life?

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