…Is This Thing On?

My sincere apologies for the protracted radio silence. A combination of health issues and RL issues conspired to shut me up for several weeks — and then I managed to totally bork my WP database such that I couldn’t make new posts. After some hammering (and some begging of help from an SQL-savvy friend) I think this should finally work again, although let’s face it – if it doesn’t, you won’t see this!

Anyway: I have a lot of catching up to do, so meaty posts might be a little thin on the ground until I’m up to date again, but hello, and I’m back, and I shall attempt to be relevant if there’s anyone out there still reading.

Incidentally, I shall be attempting to catch up with my RSS feeds, but if there’s anything important I missed or should know about, drop me a line in the comments!

(And thankyou to those people who pinged me via email; I’m sorry if I worried anyone!)

37 thoughts on “…Is This Thing On?”

  1. WOOT! Good to see you back and typing!!

    Oh yes, there is something you need to post on, have you perused MMO-Champion recently? Much dramaz and QQing about GhostCrawlers comments about holy pallies not valuing MP5 as a stat (Which, let’s face it, he is right! Although I wouldnt say that MP5 is undervalued, more that int is OVER valued itemisation-wise and that needs addressing) the contention is about how to resolve that, and it’s getting into the realms of “special”.

  2. Just found you, thought we had lost you, so very glad to have you back. Hope the health/RL issues are all resolved soon!

  3. Oh I AM pleased you’re back. I inherited a Holy Paladin and have no clue how to play her! You’re one of my guru sites and have been missed. There’s only so many times I can read through what you’ve already written. :)

    Hope all is well and will continue to be well for you.

  4. Welcome back!

    Now, what do you think of GC’s idea to change Illumination and make paladins gear for mp5?

  5. Welcome back! I’m thrilled to see a post from you. I hope that means your RL/health issues are under control and will be resolved soon.

    God’s speed.

  6. Welcome back! I hope the Health/RL issues have been dealt with successfully, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say about all the fun things going on with the state of Paladin.

  7. Great to see you back again, thanks so much for your work to date. Your pieces are so well written and researched. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve invested so far.

    Take care, don’t overdo it!

  8. Glad to see you back and hopefully well Siha. I know that myself and many other members of the community have been missing you! However, it’s always important to take the time off when you need it – your health and RL are MUCH more important! <3

  9. YAY!

    I like your holy pally genius.
    And I am scared we will be converted to mp5!

    Crit and intel gearing makes us unique!
    /pew pew

    So I am very glad to see you back and well!

  10. Siha is around guys! I will do my best to nag, annoy, complain and generally be a pain in her side until she posts something up :)

    I do know that her health is still an issue and is probably impacting her ability to put the due dilligence she usually puts into this blog.

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