New Shiny!

I don’t generally make “yay I got this loot last night!” posts, but I can’t help but post about this because I’m so darn happy about it.

Throughout TBC, I was one of my guild’s worst-geared healers, because my dice hate me. I wasn’t lagging to the point of ridiculousness, but I was always one of the last to get an upgrade.

Thankfully, in WotLK, things seem to be somewhat different. Last night Gluth dropped Life and Death, and I expected there to be fierce competition for it. I pulled out a mighty roll of 98, and faced absolutely zero competition anyway as everyone was hoping to roll on the tier tokens instead.

Sailan, in pre-T7 healing gear

As a bonus, it looks freaking awesome.

15 thoughts on “New Shiny!”

  1. It’s a beautiful sword! As a former mage, I envy you such an amazing weapon. As a current shadow priest, who can’t use swords, I congratulate you on such an awesome weapon!

  2. I actually made the comment (in the hunter channel) that it was a great looking weapon when I saw the loot. Hunter weapons are usually all business – sometimes I take my pretty dual Hakkari swords (from ZG) out of the bank for screenshots ;)

  3. That. Is. A. Sweet. Sword.
    Makes me wish druids could use swords :P
    Oh wait we’ll get polearms :D
    Anyways congratulations! We all know how it is to not get any loot in a while and BAAM! :D

  4. That’s dropped twice in the guild runs, and both times went to a paladin (Siha and another).

    Paladins seem to make out really well on our runs, and the guild leader is a paladin. Hmm…

  5. Gratz!! i have that sword as well and i love it, lol but i would part from it in a second for the Turning Tide which is the best in slot wpn for holy pallies currently. Gratz though looks sweet

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