Item Changes in 3.0.8

A few of the items I recommended in my Pre-Raid Healadin Gear Guide are seeing some changes next patch, and they’re worth looking at. (Source: this MMO-Champion thread.)

  • The Titansteel Guardian is being nerfed; its spellpower is being reduced from 490 to 457. Other stats are unchanged. It’s still an excellent mace, and worth getting if you can’t get your hands on something better, but it’s now a less competitive alternative if you do have the War Mace of Unrequited Love from Heroic Keristrasza.
  • Je’Tze’s Bell is becoming BoE. That’s a damn nice trinket, although I suspect prices are going to be sky-high.

Carry on!

6 thoughts on “Item Changes in 3.0.8”

  1. Unfortunately for those of us who got Je’Tze’s Bell prior to the next patch, they’ll remain bounded. Hate to say this here, but it’s almost utterly useless for a Protection Paladin.

  2. @BigFire – I know, that’s a terrible idea. Silly Blizzard!
    @hagu – Existing trinkets will still be bound; new drops will be BoE.

  3. Excellent guide!! Do you think you will be publishing a Raiding gear guide so that we can easily find upgrades in Naxx 10 or 25 and other raids. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Superb guide!! Does anyone know if there is a post 10-man but pre 25-man guide somewhere to for holy pala’s?

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