Remember the Geek Code?

Come on, someone other than me has to remember Geek Code, that mysterious string of alphanumerics featuring prominently in the .sig files of old-school internet geeks a decade and more ago?

Well – and I’m only surprised this hadn’t happened sooner – Typhoon Andrew has come up with a WoW version, a quick and easy way of summing up your WoW focus and interests.

For reference, my WoW Code is

M:Pa-H-80, Mb: 51/0/20, Mr: Hu, Alt:Ma-F-71, S:Proudmoore-US-PvE, G:Southern Wardens GMO+L+Heal, PvP, PvE++, Y2005.1, D++, L++, R:Dr+Or+Un-, :), V0.1

…but that’s probably all stuff you knew already.

Check out Typhoon Andrew’s original post for a translation, then come tell me what your codes were! I’m curious.

6 thoughts on “Remember the Geek Code?”

  1. Now I feel massively nerdy…
    M: DrPa78, Ms: H, Mb: 56/5/8, Alt: 70GnMa, 53DrSh, S: Barthilas-Oceanic-PvP, G: Obsolete, Pvp-, Pve++, D+, Y2005.11, Ori-BT, V0.1.

  2. M:Ma-H-80, Mb:17/0/54, S:Proudmoore-US-PvE, G:Southern Wardens GO+class, PvP+, PvE++, D++, L+, Y2005.1, Ori-BWL, TBC-Mags, :) V0.1

    Ouch, that was painful! I better win something for that…

  3. Let’s see.

    N:Aldheim, M:HuPa-H-80, Mb:51/5/15, Alt: BDK64m S Sisters of Elune-US-RP, G: The Council of Shadows R, Pvp!, Pve++, Y2007.8, D+, TBC: ZA, WLK: H-VH, L++, C:Pa++/!?, R:H+/!NE, RP+, :I, V:0.2.

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