But I’m Having So Much Fun!

So, it’s been kind of quiet around here lately, hasn’t it?

Yeah, I thought so.

I’m sorry, guys, I really am! I have all kinds of posts lined up mentally – gear lists, jewelcrafting guides, rep guides, wallpaper posts, paladin mechanics discussions, et cetera… and I can’t tear myself away from the game long enough to write any of them.

So, yeah. New content within 24 hours, I promise!

(This post was written while waiting for the rez timer in Wintergrasp. ‘Scuse me, time to go get my face smashed in by Horde some more. Damn that Tenacity buff!)

4 thoughts on “But I’m Having So Much Fun!”

  1. Hi there,
    Stumbled upon your site through various blogs. Just wanted to say that I enjoy it. Side note…love the little date graphic (calendars). Wish I had something spiffy like that on my blog :) Anyway, neat info (even though I play a hunter).

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