Three Days to Go!

I’m getting excited – I hope everyone else is looking forward to it too!

In the meantime, I’m levelling my warlock – she won’t be 70 before Wrath Day, but if I’m lucky she’ll be close enough to go straight into Northrend when I pick her up again in a few months’ time. On the one hand, I really enjoy warlock – it’s an incredibly powerful class for soloing (take that, devilsaurs!) but on the other, it’s not really inspiring me to do much with her at endgame. Still, I’ve really enjoyed levelling her.

My main problem, when it comes to levelling alts, is that i have to have some role in mind for them when they hit 80, or else it feels pointless. My mage, for example, is fine – she’s my ‘main alt’ to play when I want a break from healing, and she’s a herber/miner with an epic birdie, so she’s a great farmer. But my other alts? I’ve got a 70 priest, a 69 rogue, a 62 warlock and a 60 shaman (and a druid who is still stuck at 40, heh)… I find it hard to get motivated to play them beyond the fun of actually levelling them, because I’m so invested in my main.

We’ll see. it’s not like I’m going to delete them, after all – perhaps with Wrath’s ability to do 10-man raids at all levels, I’ll get a chance to take some of them raiding without losing focus on my paladin.

4 thoughts on “Three Days to Go!”

  1. I feel the similar about alts. I’ve successfully leveled a few into the 60s and one besides my main to 70. But for “end-game” content – I know I will always stick to my main. I just like leveling and having additional bank-space and profession slots.

    Taking time to equip a character and optimize playing the class is hard enough on a single character and now with Achievements I’ll be concentrating even more on my main.

  2. When I started WoW, I always meant to have one character of each class… Yeah, not likely. The only other high-level character I have, I sometimes don’t log on for months!

  3. I had originally planned to have Chux the sham up and ready to level, but reality is far different from wishing ;)

    So it will hopefully be Stinky (priest) on follow with Kehly (mage) the majority of the time. Looking at getting a cheap pc/laptop, in the interim it will be 2 clients on the one pc which is painful :(

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