Get Your Seal Whey Here! It's, Uh, Lovely!

Baby harp seal, image from National GeographicA quick tip for mana users: in advance of Wrath of the Lich King, you can buy the next rank of “water” already.

Except it’s not water, it’s pungent seal whey. Yummy.

Still, it’ll restore your mana faster than any water’s done before – presumably because you toss it back so fast it can’t hit your tastebuds.

You can buy this charming beverage from the Inn in Ironforge – I haven’t found any other non-Northrend sources of it yet. I imagine there’s a Horde vendor that sells it too – if you’re a Hordie, please post and let me know so I can update the post!

Go ye forth and enjoy your seal whey, folks. Just ignore the smell.

11 thoughts on “Get Your Seal Whey Here! It's, Uh, Lovely!”

  1. The bread selling lady who wanders in IF (what’s her name again?) sells some Northrend breads, and also pay a visit to the cheese vendor in the entrance of SW. And I think I saw some new waters in Shattrath? Goody!

  2. Not only the next rank of “water” is available, innkeepers in all faction capital cities sell the next rank of “meat” too.

    So I’d say head to the capital and lower your downtime :)

    PS: As far as I can tell, they are only sold in faction capitals, Shattrah innkeepers don’t stock these.

  3. I hope Blizzard puts some high-level arrow/bullet vendors in the main cities too; it was damn annoying being stuck in Azeroth with hearth down and no arrows :P

  4. For fellow Hordies, I found the new ‘water’ at the inn in Silvermoon. I haven’t really checked anywhere else.

  5. As a protection paladin, I think I can get away with using the entry level TBC water just fine. I don’t have that much mana.

  6. I don’t RP at all, but I’ve always tried to keep my toons vegetarian, me being one in real life. When I saw the seal whey I groaned lol, guess I’ll have to deal with it till wrath when there are more options. It’s expensive though, 80s for a 5-stack.

  7. For Hordies I first found this sold by the Fungus Vendor wandering around Undercity. Tasty delicious… by what I gather of the definition of whey… this can either be… ground seal, or the milk protien of seal… I really hope the latter >.<

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