The New Hotness

I’d like you to observe something that many paladins don’t know about.

Old and busted: Lay On Hands in Live.

The new hotness: Lay On Hands on the PTR.

See that? See the change in cooldown? See the change in mana cost? That is going to be a damn fine addition to the healing arsenal, instead of the “omg emergency!” button it has been until now.

6 thoughts on “The New Hotness”

  1. Interesting potential side-effect: with some tweaking you could probably find a way to use it as an additional means to return a second healadin’s mana when he’s OoM and all other means aren’t available.

  2. On second thought, scratch that. The tweaking needed and the circumstances to take advantage of that ought to be pretty much akin to standing on a brick wall at 17 minutes past 3 in the morning on a full moon happening the 14th of December in an odd-numbered year while wearing bright yellow socks.
    In other words, never gonna happen in practice.

  3. I still find it hard to believe that it costs no mana — can it really make it to live like that, do you think?

  4. @Jeffo – yeah, I think it can. It’s one biiiiig heal on a 20 minute cooldown. Compared to the normal heals we can push out every GCD, it’s not OP, I don’t think. (Remember that it still can’t be used in arenas, too.)

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