New Jewelcrafting Patterns for Honor

Eyonix has confirmed that the “new Honor items” are cloaks and trinkets, upgrades over the current cloaks and trinkets but not huge ones.

However, on the 3.0.2 PTR tonight I also espied a Jewelcrafting vendor in the Stormwind PvP vendor area, selling 12 uncommon gem cuts for 1250 Honor each.

All the gem cuts are for Northrend gems, require 350 Jewelcrafting to learn, and create PvP-focused gems. They are:

  • Durable Huge Citrine: 7 Spell Power, 6 Resilience
  • Empowered Huge Citrine: 12 Attack Power, 6 Resilience
  • Lucent Huge Citrine: 6 Agility, 6 Resilience
  • Mysterious Shadow Crystal: 7 Spell Power, 8 Spell Penetration
  • Mystic Sun Crystal: 12 Resilience
  • Opaque Dark Jade: 6 Resilience, 2 mp5
  • Resplendent Huge Citrine: 6 Strength, 6 Resilience
  • Shattered Dark Jade: 6 Haste Rating, 8 Spell Penetration
  • Steady Dark Jade: 6 Resilience, 9 Stamina
  • Stormy Chalcedony: 15 Spell Penetration
  • Tense Dark Jade: 6 Hit Rating, 8 Spell Penetration
  • Turbid Dark Jade: 6 Resilience, 6 Spirit

These haven’t been posted anywhere that I’ve seen, so I’m not sure if they’re truly intended to be on the 3.0.2 PTR – it’s an excellent use of Honor points, to be sure, but the Northrend-level mats rather make me doubt that they’ll be released before WotLK. I hope my doubts are wrong!

2 thoughts on “New Jewelcrafting Patterns for Honor”

  1. Yawn indeed. I suppose it seems logical, but I was hoping for some flavourful stuff.

    Extra tabards at the very least makes sense.

    I’ll still buy ’em, but it is disappointing.

    I wonder if the other professions are going to get honor specific things like this. I haven’t seen anything for tailors or engys.

  2. Well, the thing is, there are a bunch of PvP-specific gem cuts that hadn’t appeared in WotLK beta yet, so it makes sense they’re from a PvP source. Whereas there isn’t really crafted pvp gear for the other professions (although I wouldn’t be surprised if an alchemy recipe for a resilience potion turned up).

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