If WoW were real…

Typhoon Andrew asked, in a recent post, “what 5 abilities, spells, effects, or powers would you like in real life“?

Coming up with an answer is harder than it sounds! After much contemplation…

  1. Cure Disease. The Paladin version, Cleanse, would be alright as well. Let’s face it; disease is a global problem, and the ability to cure it – including non-infectious diseases – is something I couldn’t go past.
  2. Heal, or some variant thereof. As someone who’s been plagued with health problems ever since an accident a decade ago, I’m keenly aware of how fragile our bodies are. The ability to heal the wounded would make such a huge difference, both to my own quality of life and to the world in general.
  3. Swift Flight Form. Because really, who doesn’t want to fly?
  4. Teleport. I love visiting new places, but the getting-there part of the Lose Weight Exercise gets pretty tedious after a while, especially when you live half a day by air from almost anywhere else that speaks your language.
  5. Mind Soothe. When my friends and I throw around the old “if you could be any superhero…” conversation, I’m usually keen on the Invisibility-type powers, so Stealth was a strong contender here. I think Mind Soothe – which, in the real world, would really be like a more subtle version of Mind Control – could be plenty of fun, too. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…”

What would you pick? Awesome combat powers so you can be a ninja? The stealth of a rogue, so cat-burglary can fund your early retirement? Or perhaps Tailoring or Leatherworking, if you aspire to a career in fashion? ;-)

5 thoughts on “If WoW were real…”

  1. 1. Swift Flight Form

    Well, duh.

    2. Dire Bear Form

    Who _wouldn’t_ be a bear if they had the opportunity? Mind you, I suspect it would suck a bit in an Australian summer.

    3. Aquatic Form

    Get the drift?

    4. Abolish Disease

    If there was a spell that abolished both disease and poison, I’d have chosen that instead. But poison’s easier to cope with by spamming heals, whereas disease isn’t so much.

    5. Regrowth

    Healing Touch, Rejuvenation or Lifebloom would all do just as nicely though. Or whatever the new AoE HoT in the expansion is called.

  2. 1. Lifebloom – Instantly make people start to feel better.
    2. Cleanse – Same. Diseases suck ass.
    3. Swift Flight Form – Summon [Mount] might be fun too though.
    4. Conjure Refreshment – Free Lunch.
    5. Scorch – Some people really deserve a 5 stack.

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