Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

I’m out of town visiting family for a few days – I do have internet access, so I’ll be around to reply to comments and chat if anyone needs to get hold of me, but don’t expect any major posts from me in the next two or three days.

In the meantime, a piece of news and a question for you all:

The News

This weekend I had the honour of being the latest interviewee on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. TNB is the best WoW podcast I’ve come across, and it was great to be a guest on the show. The interview is available now from the TNB site, and should be up for download shortly via iTunes. Check it out, and share your thoughts here or with podcast hosts Bre and Fim

The Question

I’m sure you couldn’t have missed the announcement that Wrath of the Lich King is due for release on November 13th, less than two months away. For some it’s the end of a long wait; for others it’s an unwelcome deadline for a long to-do list.

Which boat are you in? Eager for November the 13th? Or desperately hoping it all gets delayed a few more months?


6 thoughts on “Normal Service Will Resume Shortly”

  1. Great job on the podcast! The nether spends a lot of time on interviews, so their show is only as good as their guest and you were the best so far. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations on the podcast! From the moment you was mentioned on WoW Insider, I knew there were great things for your blog :)

    I’m glad they have finally put a date on the release of WotLK, although I’m slightly concerned they still have many things to sort out such as class balance and some spells that need twinking. I guess the fact that they will implement all the current changes into the pre-WotLK patch will open them up to the general community rather than just beta testers, in order to receive more feedback and suggestions.

    I’ve also finally sold off all my bank mats that I don’t think will be needed anymore, which coupled with a few more dailies, have made me 6k gold richer! Now I have my Death Knight epic flying mount sorted, I can relax a bit now and just farm whatever herbs I come across. I have also started my new 10-man raiding guild, and in the 10 days since, I have already got 25+ members across 15 accounts!

  3. Sounds like you’re nicely underway with your plans :)

    I’m doing okay, with the exception of gold. I just can’t bring myself to do all the dailies I should. :)

  4. Nice work on the podcast, very interesting listen.

    Good to hear a Aussie voice on a WoW podcast too.

    As for being ready for wrath: I still have goals left for TBC that I want to achieve and luckily most of my guild is the same. However, I am doing some mental preparation e.g. looking at talents, thinking about what gear would work best and how it may change how I heal.

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