6 thoughts on “Chat’s Back!”

  1. I actually joined the chatroom using Meebo yesterday, and either people couldn’t see what I was typing (which is the alternative I prefer) or BA Chat noobs don’t get any attention. ;) I’ll have to try again.

  2. Adium is the Mac version of Pidgin – same code running it, just different user interfaces (1 made for Mac, the other for PC and Linux).

  3. Thank god this the bird is working again. I was getting a little worried we were never going to get the chat working again.

    @Kadomi: Meebo has the same problem that pidgin has. The only client that worked while pidgin was down was the native AIM client 6.8 (shudder). Pidgin 2.5 works fine, even though there is some issue with linking, but at least you can type and people can see it!

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