I love it when a plan comes together…

Recently I talked about my indecision over how to have my cake and eat it too. I have since achieved enlightenment!

This was also a Blog Azeroth shared topic from two months ago! With all my indecision, though, I had no answers for it – until now.

What I’ve Decided

  • My main will drop Alchemy just before Wrath’s release, and pick up Mining. At some point between Wrath Day and level 80, she’ll drop Mining for Inscription. She’ll have enough herbs to get Inscription to 375 or beyond, and hopefully by then I’ll be able to find time to get the mage out for a run around Northrend picking pretty flowers.
  • All my alts will retain the same tradeskills, except my rogue, who has been Engineer/Skinner until now – she’ll be Engineer/Alchemist (so I can at least make my own mana pots).

What I’ve Done So Far

  • Started stockpiling gold and tradeskill mats – cloth for First aid, herbs for Inscription, gems for Jewelcrafting (so I can get 5-10 skillpoints off Outland gems before having to start on expensive and hotly-contested Northrend mats)
  • Got my priest’s enchanting to 375 so she’s ready to be a DEbot for Northrend BoE drops.
  • Got my rogue’s Alchemy to 375.

What I Still Have To Do

  • Stockpile more gold. I hope to have at least 10K put aside by the time WotLK hits – preferably more. I have a chart labelled “Goooold!” stuck to the side of my computer, with cash milestones I can cross off – a good incentive to stop me spending money.
  • Set up my UIs and the CloneKeys app so I can comfortably dualbox my pally and mage while levelling, if I choose.
  • Sell off anything high-value I have that I don’t need, if I’m not going to need it in WotLK and it’s going to loseWeight Exercise its value. Surplus primals, for instance.
  • A week or so before Wrath Day, drop Alchemy on my paladin and skill Mining up to 375.
  • Finish my Inscription guide, including a powerlevelling guide, and make sure I have herb stockpiles to cover all my Inscription needs.

What I’d Like To Get Done

  • Get my 68 rogue and 59 shammy to 70, so they’re available to level as alts in Northrend if the fancy takes me.
  • Get my rogue’s engineering to 375 (it’s at 365 now). I’m not sure why, it just bugs me having it uncompleted.
  • Get my shammy’s skinning to 375, so she can farm for leather if I need it.
  • Stockpile honor points and arena points up to the cap on my paladin, in hopes that they’ll carry over to level 80 (which I think they probably will).
  • Likewise, stockpile as many arena and honor points as possible on my alts – particularly the mage, who’s likely to remain my primary alt.
  • Level my poor little druid, who is still sitting at level 38.

Is that it? I can’t help but feel like I’m missing items off the to-do lists. What am I forgetting?

3 thoughts on “I love it when a plan comes together…”

  1. Hey, I came across your site via WoW Insider and can I say it’s a great site :) The moment I read your blog name, I knew what it was about. I still have my Tier 1 set on my Paladin and wear it around Ironforge from time to time.

    I still remember when it first dropped for me in Molten Core. My reaction was: “Yes! Got my Banana Shoulders!” :)

    Anyways, it seems you are also preparing yourself for WotLK, although mine isn’t going as well. I plan to do dailies on my mains until my eyes bleed to get at least 8k gold, so that I can comfortably buy a new epic flying mount for my new Gnome Death Knight, and help powerlevel some professions (probably Inscription and Herbalism). I’ll be farming the mats for Level 1-375 of course beforehand and stock them on my bank alts.

    I too have many alts close to Level 70 who I should really level, but as I said, my DK will be my main focus as I hope to tank with my Gnome, with my blog documenting her progress :)

    I love your blog name so much (mainly cos it’s so original and reminds me of the good old days of pre-TBC raiding) that I’ll check back from time to time. Good luck with your Paladin in WotLK and look forward to reading about it :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and glad you like the blog ;) I dunno what you mean about not going so well as me though, it sounds like you’ve got a plan and it should work out well for you! Is your DK going to be your new main?

  3. Hey, yea my DK will be my new main, hence why I decided to dedicate my blog to her. But I will be logging on my Paladin from time to time, as there are usually PuG Molten Core runs to do :)

    Although I do have a plan about what I would to happen before WotLK is out, I just haven’t really got round to it! It was almost 2 weeks ago when I said I would start farming herbs on my Paladin so I can powerlevel Inscription. You know, I blame it on the ‘laziness’ effect that summer usually has on WoW :)

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