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Note: this post contains spoilers for Wrath of the Lich King.

This is the first of a two-part guide to Inscription, the new tradeskill being introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. The second part will cover specific recipes, required mats, and a recommended path for levelling the skill as efficiently and quickly as possible – however, that’s a fair way off, and won’t be published until the list of recipes is reasonably complete. This post will be updated as more information comes to hand.

Last Update: 30 July; beta build 8681
If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

REVISED Inscription Guide

For the full list of Inscription recipes and the complete Inscription Guide, download the guide as a PDF file here: inscription10.pdf. (The full guide is in PDF form because frankly, it’s almost impossible to format all those tables as a blog post.)

Otherwise: read on for the original post.

Note that I’m calling people with Inscription ‘inscribers’, because ‘inscriptionists’ sounds clunky. If the community standardises on a name I’ll change to that.

What Inscribers Do

Inscribers create a number of scrolls, glyphs and other consumables that anyone can use. They make:

  • scrolls boosting attributes (eg Scroll of Stamina, Scroll of Spirit V, Scroll of Agility IV)
  • glyphs for characters to permanently modify or boost their spells and abilities
  • possibly runewords, temporary enchantments for armor (comparable to stones and oils for weapons)
  • materials for enchanters to create packaged enchantments
  • other utility items (eg Scroll of Recall, a consumable hearthstone-equivalent on a 15 minute cooldown, usable only by inscribers)

How Glyphs Work

Every character has a ‘glyphs’ tab in their spellbook, which has slots for 6 glyphs – 2 minor, 2 lesser and 2 greater. Glyphs created by Inscribers are put in these slots, and will modify the character’s spells.

Minor glyphs give a minor or cosmetic effect, eg:

  • changes the visual effect of a spell
  • gives a small reduction in a spell’s mana cost
  • gives a buff spell increased duration

Lesser glyphs give a minor upgrade, eg:

  • gives a moderate reduction in an ability’s mana/rage/energy cost
  • increases a spell’s damage over time (while decreasing its upfront damage)

Greater glyphs give a significant upgrade, eg:

  • increases chance to avoid interruption while casting
  • increases damage done by a spell

Learning Inscription

There are Inscription trainers in Northrend:

  • Vengeance Landing (Horde), Howling Fjord
  • Mindri Dinkles, Valgarde (Alliance), Howling Fjord
  • Professor Palin, Dalaran Trade District

Inscribers will also need Scribe Tools and blank parchment for their first skill-ups; at present there’s an Inscription vendor in Dalaran, although others may be implemented elsewhere in future.


Milling is a subskill of Inscription, and a direct parallel of Jewelcrafting’s Prospecting. Inscribers can learn Milling when they reach 30 skill; it allows an inscriber to turn 5 herbs into raw materials for more complicated recipes.

These raw materials are called “pomace”; different types of pomace are derived from milling different herbs. The first tier of herbs – Peacebloom, Silverleaf and Earthroot – produce Alabaster Pomace. Other types of pomaces (such as Dusky Pomace, Golden Pomace and Emerald Pomace) are milled from higher-ranked herbs.

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  1. I know no-one will ever use this name for it but I’ve been thinking of them as ‘scribes’ since inscription came out ;P

    Nice guide, looking forward to the next part!


  2. So, only purchased parchments and herb-based inks are used so far in this trade skill? Must one make one’s own paper at any point? Is there any hint of other mats, such as gems, enchant mats, elemental bits and bobs so far? Thanks for this report!

  3. I agree with Aurik that the term should be scribe. I also thing that Magister’s Terrace should be abbreviated MrT but I seem to have lost the battle on that one.

  4. GO C-HA! It’s your birthday *wiggle wiggle*

    Cheers for doing the legwork, love youu!

    I think I’m going to level a rogue for gathering and ill pick up herbs along the way.

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