Diablo 3 it is, then.

So, it’s official: Diablo 3 is the next Blizzard game. I’m having a heart attack and dying of not surprise, as Zazu would say; the rumours pointing to this announcement had become almost overwhelming over the last couple of weeks.

The haters and the forum trolls are alive and well, of course, but personally I’m excited. Diablo 2 apparently still holds the record for the fastest-selling computer game of all time; despite the claims of the haters, it’s a much-loved computer series, and almost everyone I know is hyped to see it.

I believe there are crossovers – connections, of some type – between Azeroth and the world of Diablo.

Consider, for instance, the similar abilities of some characters in the World of Diablo and in Azeroth. Paladins, as a stand-out example, have a lot of points of commonality between the two settings. (For instance, the core unique mechanic of Paladins in Diablo 2? Auras.)

And here are two pictorial pieces of evidence. First, someone on the MMO-Champion forums pointed out that there’s a certain amount of similarity between the Lich King and Diablo.

And secondly, does this landscape look a bit familiar?

The image on the left is from the Diablo 3 cinematic trailer; the image on the right is a Wrath of the Lich King screenshot.

Perhaps Diablo and the other Prime Evils lie far in Azeroth’s past… or future.

5 thoughts on “Diablo 3 it is, then.”

  1. Eh i just thought it was similar due to blizzards love of re-skinning things :P hence the reason the demon has the same eyes as Arthas and the whole ice thing was a smokescreen.

    Blizzard would have been laughing their collective arses off at the conspiracy theories that were formed on the forums.

    But who knows you could be right we know very little lore about the world of diablo since it was so character driven.

  2. I don’t think there’s really that many similarities between them. Firstly, in the pictures you showed, the one on the right is of a giant hallowed-out tree, and the one of the left is a crater made out of jagged rocks. If I remember rightly, part of the story in D3 is that a comet strikes sanctuary, and I suspect that’s the crater.

    There are a few other things. We know for certain that Diablo can’t be set in the past: we know too much about Azeroth’s past for the Diablo lore to fit in anywhere. It isn’t likely to be before the Titans arrived, since we haven’t seen any of the Old Gods’ work in the Diablo games. It can’t be between the Titans’ arrival and present-day since there’s no Well of Eternity, or elves or trolls or silithid.

    That just leaves the future. However, the Diablo universe works considerably differently to the Warcraft universe. Warcraft doesn’t have hell; it has the Twisting Nether. Warcraft also does not, as far as we can see, have a heaven, much less angels.

    In order for Diablo to be set in Warcraft’s distant future, we would need to see: the complete eradication of all non-human species, the burning legion being destroyed, the Naaru either being destroyed or nicking off, the *creation* of hell, heaven and their residents, and the creation of the world stone. In essence, the universe would almost have to be created all over again, at which point it’s arguable that it’s even the same world.

    But then, what do I know? I’m not Metzen. :P But don’t mind me; I just like trying to apply logical arguments to imaginary worlds where the rules can change at a whim. :D

  3. Told ya

    Anyway the origin of the lich king reminds me of galvatron in the first transformers movie.

    Megatron(ner’hzul) flees the scene of the battle gets trapped in space(twisting nether)with his minions (Ner’hzul’s forces) and he and his minions get transformed into more powerful versions of themselves (the lich king liches and the first of the death knights)

  4. Oddly enough I never did get into Diablo, I was always more of a Starcraft Chick. I’m glad to see the Diablo fans getting some love though! =)

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