One (More) Good Reason to Play the Fire Festival

In the spirit of my motivational post about the Lunar Festival back in February: here’s why you should do the Fire Festival content:


The XP rewards are astounding! As part of the content, you can run around Honoring the fires of your faction, and Desecrating the fires of the enemy faction, and there are 30+ fires for each side.

The XP scales based on level; for instance, Desecrating a fire at level 55 will net you 8150 xp; at level 58, it’s over 9k xp. I can’t speak for all leves, but for my level 55 alt, doing all the fires is going to be worth over 380,000 xp. Given that an entire level only takes about 150k xp for me right now, I’m hoping to be able to ride this event nearly all the way to Outlands!

And that’s not including the XP rewards for the other, associated content like the fire-tossing and fire-catching dailies, or Stealing the Flame from all the enemy faction capital cities.

So – get out there and burn things!

4 thoughts on “One (More) Good Reason to Play the Fire Festival”

  1. I’ve done just the same with one of my alts, BigFire :) I’m just wondering if the fire festival XP holds up after 60; I’ve got a 68 priest who’d love to see 70…

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