Worst Phishing Attempt EVAR

So, I got this in my mail today, from “WOWgmEU@blizzard.com”:

Subject:WoW Blizzard Europe – Personal Info verify


We are writing to inform you that we have bad Personal info. To refresh you Personal info fallow this link: [redacted, but it certainly weren’t blizzard.com or worldofwarcraft.com]
Please do not reply to this email as you will receive an automated response.

Seriously, they’re not even trying any more, are they?

4 thoughts on “Worst Phishing Attempt EVAR”

  1. That’s just sad. They probably outsourced their phishing to China, and forgot to specify “must have good English skills” in the contract.

  2. Hehe that one gave me a good chuckle. What’s bad personal info anyway? How do you get bad personal info? Who have they been talking to to determine that your personal info was bad?

    I demand high quality phising attempts. I at least want to be tempted to update my ‘bad personal info’.

    until then I will not ‘fallow’ any of that there dem links.

  3. I got one recently promising me a place in the beta- They had me going for about 4 minutes. I even told my wife… the game was up when I looked closely at their URL though.

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