I have zero buyer’s remorse.

I picked up an epic flying mount for my main perhaps six months ago now, and zooming around at Ludicrous Speed with Crusader Aura on has been fun, but trying to farm for herbs and ore on my alt has been a horrible sluggish 60%-speed pain.

So I bought her an epic flying mount as well.

I’d been agonising about it for a few weeks; 5,000 gold on an alt? But I’ve been farming on her for a few days now, and I don’t regret it at all – farming is fast, easy and rewarding now, and that makes it actually fun. I can’t remember the last time farming for anything was fun.

(Also, sorry it’s been so quiet around these parts. RL stuff + big posts still in draft phase + social calendar = temporarily-quiet blog.)

8 thoughts on “I have zero buyer’s remorse.”

  1. I did it in reverse. I did have a pretty good think about it at the time but when I first scraped up 5000 gold for a epic mount I invested it in my gathering Alt and left my non Gathering Paladin main to use Taxis to travel from instance to instance.

    But at this point I am spoiled. A 70 without an epic mount is just a drag.

  2. Haha. Gratz on your investment.

    I did the same except went one better. The instant my first alt, EB, hit 70, he went and bought, flying skill, then epic flying skill and then immediately started the netherwing quests.

    My alt now has a netherdrake :) happy happy happy

  3. Whoot. Congratulations.

    I know the feeling. I have three seventies now. My druid got her epic flight form. For the next few weeks (and months) I agonized over the fact that my mage didn’t have her epic flying, and, therefore, I found myself not playing her as much. Once I got the money, I got her her mount as well, and returned to getting equal pleasure from playing both of them. Now that my hunter is seventy with a slow flying mount, I can’t play her for too long without getting tired of going oh so slooooowly.

    So now I’m saving up that third set of 5K gold…

  4. It’s always worth it.

    I bought one for my ‘lock (Netherdrake + Netheray).
    Then my Paladin (Netherdrake + Netheray).
    Then my Warrior (Netherdrake + Netheray).
    Then my Mage (Roflcopter).

    I’m glad I’m out of 70s… :)

  5. Congrats! you will never regret getting more epic flying mounts.
    I’ve played a lot of WoW…I mean a lot of WoW.. currently sitting at 478days /played.
    10x 70s, 4x60s.
    every 70 has epic flight mount (inc 2 roflcopters) and I wouldn’t ever advise anyone to stay with the normal flying mount.
    Only problem I ever really have is after playing on the paladin… the 20% slower is really noticeable :p
    Congrats again. keep up the good work. site is always fun to read :)
    Ballistics (Eu-Turalyon)

  6. I have 4 epic flyers. Plus a pair of Netherwing Drakes. On 4 characters. Level 70 #5 should have his epic flyer by the end of the month.

    I need a life.

  7. With the SSO dailies, money is pretty fast. If you ever get buyer’s remorse, that money can be made up in way less than a month (I’m too lazy to do all of the dailies, now that we’re drowning in them).

  8. This is something I’m really struggling with right now … I use my Warlock for herb farming, and she’s still on the slow griffin. So slow, in fact, that I generally race around on her epic land mount instead and only use her griffin when I need to get up to a high spot for something like Dreaming Glory. I’ve only recently reached the point where I *can* afford a second epic mount, but the husband is arguing staunchly against it (he doesn’t have one on ANY of his characters yet, despite the fact I’ve offered to help him pay for it).

    If nothing else, I’m guessing that WotLK will see a decrease in the cost for epic flying mounts, just as TBC saw a decrease in epic land mounts.

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