5 thoughts on “Things I Hate, #1”

  1. meh roll an engineer. the fish attractors are cake. in about 20 min of running around (if i actually take the time and dont just buy the mats) i have the mats to make 90 or more of them (each time you make the recipe it makes 3 attractors) all it takes is a coarse blasting powder (1 coarse stone to any non engineers) 2 bronze bars, and a night crawler… found on your favorite undead fodder

  2. Yeah i know i missed the point really of the post in my last comment….
    I hate when i do ashalt things when i don’t mean to, grab a mob that some mage is winding up on with their 6 second cast, or whatever where i tag a mob then someone gains incredible amounts of aggro on it and it fights them till they kill it. I feel like $%^ when that happens…. though i dont feel bad enough to pass up teh loots

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