Buff: Holy Shock

And another great healadin change from the 2.4 PTR! WoWInsider is reporting that Holy Shock has had a buff to its effects

Holy Shock
Old version: Blasts the target with Holy energy, causing 530 to 574 Holy damage to an enemy, or 530 to 574 healing to an ally.
New version: Blasts the target with Holy energy, causing 721 to 779 Holy damage to an enemy, or 931 to 987 healing to an ally.

In my current healing set (with 1930 +heal) my Holy Shock currently heals for ~1370; after the patch it’s going to be around 1770 healing, which is better than my Flash of Light. Flash of Light takes 1.5 seconds; Holy Shock is instant but triggers the GCD. Flash of Light has no cooldown, Holy Shock has a 15 second cooldown. Flash of Light costs 180 mana, Holy Shock costs 435 mana.

Looking at the two spells, the obvious conclusion is that Flash of Light is still better overall; it’s a far better heal per mana output, and not far behind on pure healing output (and has no cooldown). However, Holy Shock is going to be decently viable as an instant “save someone from dying now” spell, which paladins have so far lacked, and the buff is going to make it a valuable – but not overpowered – part of the healadin arsenal. I won’t be weaving HSes in whenever the cooldown is up, but I will be using it to save lives.

Thumbs up.

4 thoughts on “Buff: Holy Shock”

  1. I like Holy Shock more in PVP than in PVE.
    Oc it’s mostly my job to heal in arenas, but there is quite a number of players that I finished off by the ~3k instant Righteousness / Crit Holy Shock combo

  2. Yeah, it’s really nice in Arenas :) It’s great as a heal in arenas, too, because it’s instant so the opposing team can’t CS or slam you while you’re casting. Instants ftw.

  3. And the 4 set piece bonus on all healing arena sets has been changed to “Increases the healing from your Holy Shock spell by 30%.” So in the end it’s a pretty decent instant heal to use in arenas when running.

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