Speaking of ridiculous shoulders:

It’s good to see that the design team for paladin gear is still smoking the good stuff, years after the original banana shoulders were released.

Last weekend in Zul’Aman, I picked up a set of Spaulders of the Advocate.

These things are crazy.

It’s lucky I have good posture, or those things would just slide right off my shoulders…

2 thoughts on “Speaking of ridiculous shoulders:”

  1. Hey, I just got those on Sunday! They are *hilarious*

    And it figures, I’d been rolling with some cloth shoulders for like the past 6 months, and then two weeks ago I got the set in heroic Hellfire Ramparts that are the recolored tier 2 and they looked awesome. Now I need to go buy more Fel Armaments to get the dust to enchant them with +healing.

  2. I feel your pain! I have a selection of shoulders to choose from at the moment – those, the T4 shoulders and the Season 2 arena shoulders. I mostly wear those just because they crack me up so much. :) (They’re a nice hybrid between crit and mp5, too, so they’re a good all-rounder piece.)

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