Netherwing Eggs are rare?!

I’ve been doing the Netherwing faction grind lately, to get the Commander’s Badge for my tanking set, as it’s one of the best trinkets available to me at the moment. Netherwing Eggs (as described in my guide to the Netherwing dailies) are theoretically fairly rare, as well as highly-sought-after.

I must have the luck of the Irish, because somehow I generally manage to get anywhere from two to five eggs a day. They’re still exciting, mind you; my usual quest partner is probably now partly deaf thanks to my enthusiastic glee on TeamSpeak every time I find one. Today was a ‘typical’ day; I scored three of them, all ground spawns in the Nethermines. I’m sure I’ve had more than two dozen eggs by now, and boy howdy it speeds up the rep grind nicely*.

* – I’m now about 80% of the way through Revered – you only need Revered for the Commander’s Badge, but I figured “well, if I’m doing dailies for cash, I may as well do ones that get me Netherwing rep as well”. I’m not particularly enamoured of the Netherdrakes, but another Exalted rep to tuck under my belt is never a bad thing!

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