Scourge Chat!

…it’s like Barrens Chat, only with more lol.

Go! Read!


[theLichKing]: I was thinking. How much trouble do you think it would be to have a thermostat installed in the Throne Room?

[Kel’Thuz4d]: …

[Kel’Thuz4d]: y?

[theLichKing]: It’s really really cold in here.

[theLichKing]: I’m Lord of the Scourge. I think I should get a thermostat.

[Kel’Thuz4d]: no its a frozen throne

Comedy gold!

7 thoughts on “Scourge Chat!”

  1. Haha, I also had to link it on our guild forums.

    “SARGERAS” was my favourite by far.

    “[SARGERAS]: yeah, you like that, there’s more where that came from
    [SARGERAS]: *twirls hair seductively*
    [SARGERAS]: I DID NOT SYA THAT EITHERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [SARGERAS]: I WILL DESTROY ALL TEH WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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