One (More) Good Reason To Play The Lunar Festival, Again

Last year, I wrote about the usefulness of the festival dumplings compared with conjured manna biscuits.

Let’s look at it again compared with the level 80 Conjured Mana Strudel. It restores 15000 health and 12960 mana over 30 seconds, whereas the Festival Dumplings restore 4% of your health and 3% of your mana per second for 25 seconds, for a total of 100% of your health and 75% of your mana.

So: if your health is more than 15000, or your mana is more than 17820, the festival dumplings will return more health or mana than the strudel – and it will do it five seconds faster, too!

Since everyone’s going to be flush with coins of ancestry after visiting all those elders for the achievements, if you’re not a tailor or engineer you may as well buy some tasty, tasty dumplings!

7 thoughts on “One (More) Good Reason To Play The Lunar Festival, Again”

  1. Interesting – I’d totally missed the math on this to realize they’re actually quite good. I’d just chalked it up to yet another semi-useless holiday food. But why do you say “if you’re not a tailor”?

  2. There are a couple of tailoring recipes and a variety of engineering recipes that you can buy from one of the NPCs in Nighthaven, spending Coins of Ancestry to do so. The tailoring recipes are for festival pantsuits and festival dresses; the engineering recipes are for fireworks and fireworks launchers.

  3. One other benefit of the dumplings: they are food, so you can drink at same time and get the mana benefits from both. Try it and watch the speed with which you get full mana.

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